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LEAD is a dynamic organization driven by its developmental vision and ambitions, which is not always constrained by the fluid donor priorities. It not only responds to the environmental needs and requirements but also shapes the course of developmental action through various programmes and initiatives.

LEAD envisions that in the 21st century, the developmental issues have also clustered around urban centers in an urbanized world. The sustainable cities initiative will focus on increasing the capacity of municipal governments and cities to address their service delivery, finance, governance, disaster management challenges; and also to empower communities with increased voice and economic and social opportunities. Relying upon its experience and core competencies, LEAD is engaged with key stakeholders to design and implement projects and development initiatives in the urban sector of Pakistan.

The initiative will support government of Pakistan to realize its urban development vision through workable interventions in all areas of governance in major and intermediate cities of Pakistan. The ultimate objective is to make cities capable of exploiting the full potential of urban growth while retaining their livability and sustainability.    

Click here to download brochure on LEAD's cities realted work.