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Khalid Mohtudullah

Mr. Khalid Mohtudullah is a Civil engineer by training with more than forty four years of experience in water resources policy, strategy, and institutional development, planning, project preparation, research, implementation and management.

He Posses advanced degrees and diplomas in engineering and management from some of the best-known universities of the world, such as MIT, USA, and Harvard Business School and have remained Director of Research at IWMI, thus combining technical, management and research strengths.

He has largely been working in multidisciplinary environments to incorporate environmental and sustainability considerations also worked in government, semi-government and international organizations including the UN system here in Pakistan and abroad.

Mr. Mohtudullah professionally traveled and networked extensively around the world consulting with and advising governments at very senior levels and other important stakeholders on issues of water, promoting holistic and integrated approaches for water resources development, management and use. In recent years, he has headed a international organization with head quarters in Europe (Sweden), called The Global Water partnership, GWP. This organization works with governments, the private sector and the civil society in promoting INTEGRATED WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT, IWRM.

Since 2003, he has assisted UNDP and other governmental and non-governmental organizations in areas of poverty reduction with community based approaches for water resources development, and have promoted policy level dialogues with government and other stakeholders for promoting holistic approaches to management of water resources. He has also in recent times assisted the non-governmental sector to support governments in meeting the millennium development goals, MDGs.

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