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Designation:Manager Social Sector Services

Organization:Balochistan Rural Support Program BRSP

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Mr. Lehri is from district Khuzdar of Balochistan, having a professional degree in political sciences. He started his career in 2001 by participating in a community Development Course and then established "The Learners Academy of Intellectual Development" where he was engaged in  teaching youth and activism and focus worked with youth for providing them direction and instilling the importance of a purposeful life. He joined Institute for Development Studies and Practices (IDSP-Pakistan) as fellow and launched first "Development Studies Course" in 2003 at national level which was based on theory and practices and supervised the practices of all the learners of the course, later on he established an "Information and Learning Center" in district Khuzdar with the support of IDSP and worked on four major components (youth development, provision of skills, working on public private partnership and opened up a library for providing the education to the youth).

Mr. Lehri was appointed as a field coordinator in the Education Policy and Planning project supported by ESRA in 8 district of Baluchistan where he developed the five years education plans of these districts. He served as a focal person in the Local Government Program supported by National Democracy Institute where he trained the public representatives of Local government. He served as a focal person by the organization to manage a youth development program of British Council. He also rendered his services as a Manager of core program of IDSP; "Learners and Community partnership Program". He has also worked Imran Khan Foundation for a short period. Currently he is working with BRSP as Regional General Manager.

Mr. Lehri wants to work with the communities and to learn from them. As an activist, community work is his passion. He wants to introduce different methods of irrigation and agriculture; focus would be organic farming and awareness rising on organic farming. He also has plans to introduce Bio Gas system in the communities and establishing the Olive plant for the communities.

                                                                                               (Updated On November 2014)