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Designation:Provincial Coordinator, Baluchistan


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Mr.  Jamali is serving in UNESCO since June 2010 as the Provincial Coordinator Baluchistan. Mr. Jamali has been working in the development sector since 1995. His areas of work vary from community development, social mobilization to education, science, culture and Climate Change. Essentially, he is an educationist who turned into a student of Climate Change in 2011. He was a direct affectee in the 2010 floods in Pakistan where he not only lost his home but also his ancestral 167 years old village. This personal tragedy motivated him to first enlist for LEAD fellowships and then he embarked upon a mission to work for his people though a sustainable approach.

In collaboration with other LEAD fellows in Balochistan, he initiated a project of  integrating of DRR into primary and secondary school textbooks in Balochistan. The new concepts were integrated where applicable without changing the original text and putting extra burden on the students. He shared his ideas at Hanoi (Vietnam) in 2012, Rio 2012 and also in the Delhi Sustainable summit, New Delhi.

Since then, Mr. Jamali has turned into an educationist cum environmentalist working in Balochistan. He is not only sensitizing students at school, college or university levels, but also advocating the impacts of Climate Change at a community level too in the far flung areas of Balochistan. Presently, in collaboration with PDMA Balochistan, he is planning to work on developing a DRR Policy for the province.

At the government level, Mr. Jamali has served as the Governing Board Member Pakistan Cricket Board. He has also been on the advisory board of the Education department Government of Baluchistan for implementation of the Balochistan Education Sector Plan. He also offered his services to Government of Balochistan in the development of Balochistan Comprehensive Development Strategy which is a five year development plan for the overall development of Balochistan. Mr. Jamali is also assisting the National Sub group working on the development of TORs for Public Private Partnership in Secondary Education.

                                                                                             (Updated On November 2014)