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Designation:Secretary - Information Technology

Organization:Government of Sindh

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Muhammad Sualeh Faruqui is Secretary of the Sindh Local Government Board in Karachi. He is responsible for the management of provincial cadres of local departments and the management of the transition / devolution in municipal sphere. He is also coordinating capacity building initiatives and restructuring of local government and Rural Development Academy.

As a federal civil servant belonging to District Management Group (DMG), he has also had the opportunity of serving as the Deputy Commissioner and Director of Protocol in Karachi, Pakistan and as Assistant Commissioner of Rural and urban sub divisions in province of Punjab. The major focus of his experience and interest has been the community driven development initiatives and preservation of environment, upgradation of municipal services and resource generation for sustainable development. Faruqui was awarded the Chevening scholarship in social development. He also has a master's in physiology from University of Karachi.

                                                                                             (Updated On December 2014)