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Designation:Director General PDMA, Punjab

Organization:Govt. of Punjab

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As Director General for the Provincial Disaster Management Authority, Punjab. Khalid Sherdil worked on Pakistan's largest ever disaster, the Super Floods of 2010.  Khalid has worked on seven major disasters, including the Turkish Earthquake 2011, Sindh Floods 2011, Balochistan Floods 2012 and the Sialkot Tornado 2011.  Besides Dengue, Sherdil has also written a technical report for Ontario Government through Western University on West Nile virus, another mosquito vector epidemic.   Sherdil was the Project Director of the Model Villages Project ($20 million), in which 22 villages equipped with schools, technical training centers, dispensaries, parks, solar electricity, bio-gas, etc., were constructed from scratch all over Punjab's Flood areas.  He also led the project for disbursement of flood-damage compensation ($ 325 million in form of debit cards) to over 1 million flood-affected families of Punjab. He is a member of Pakistan's Core Committee for Environment and Climate Change, and has represented the country at COP 16 Cancun, Mexico. Khalid Sherdil is currently residing at Manhattan, New York, and London, Ontario, where he is collaborating with Software Industry towards obtaining a Doctoral degree in Computer and Environmental Science at the Western University, Canada. His research interests are in Early Warning in Complex Adaptive Systems in Cloud Computing and in applications of technology to environment & sustainable development.  He has twelve research publications.  Khalid also worked for two years with Royal Bank of Scotland’s Sempra Energy/Commodity Trading at Stamford, USA, where he worked on quantitative analysis of trading data, and architected a real-time Energy Trading Risk Management System. Prior to that he worked with I.T. firm Sapient at Manhattan: he was Consultant with Tullet Prebon on their Wall Street based high frequency Algorithmic Financial Trading system; Louis Dreyfus, on their Energy Risk Management system; and Citadel, a Hedge Fund in Chicago.  Khalid has served as the Deputy Secretary for Agriculture Department, and for Information Technology Department, Government of Pakistan. He was responsible for executing e-Governance projects and implementing the government's IT policy on education & public services delivery. He has also conducted Government projects on Organic Farming, and supplemented them with experiments at his family farm. His interest in Agriculture arises from his family farm where he cultivates wheat & rice in addition to Bio-Fuels.   Earlier, he served as Assistant Commissioner of Murree and Lahore Cantt.  As a researcher in social issues as well as IT, he has authored tweleve publications in journals and international conferences. These include a scientific empirical survey and analysis on the menace of beggary, and a case study on the Garhi Shahu gas leakage disaster. He also runs Pakistan’s largest arts website www.ArtsPak.com and is a Fellow of LEAD International UK.  He is author of a book titled "Dengue: Prevention & Control.  The Lahore Model of Success" which is available at Amazon.  He is currently co-authoring a photographic book on the Rural life of Punjab.

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