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Designation:Coordinator (Pakistan)

Organization:Ev-K2-CNR (Italy)

Profile Details

Mr. Zaib is an agribusiness specialist with extensive experience and management skills and works for Ev-K2-CNR (Pakistan) as a coordinator at national level. The organization (Ev-K2-CNR) is an autonomous, non-profit association, which promotes scientific and technological research in mountain areas. Particular emphasis is placed on the Hindu Kush – Karakorum – Himalaya regions.

Ev-K2-CNR research has traditionally focused on the fields of Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Medicine and Physiology, Anthropology, and development of new technologies. Today, Ev-K2-CNR’s work is mainly organized via broad-scale integrated multi-disciplinary programs aimed at helping resolve urgent environmental and development issues. As a coordinator, he is responsible to create and maintain strong coordination with all the partners involved in the projects and


Mr. Zaib has MBA in Agribusiness Management and BSc (Hons) in Agricultural Economics and his MS in Management Sciences is also in process. He belongs from District Dera Ghazi Khan.

                                                                                                    (Updated On December 2014)