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Designation:Founding Director

Organization:Al-Falah Without Walls (AwW)

Profile Details

Mr. Inderyas is working as a Founding Director of Al-Falah without Walls (AwW) in Quetta Baluchistan for the last 12 years. In fact, he established this organization for the development, empowerment and mainstreaming of the marginalized and minority Christian communities in Baluchistan. Being the Founding Director of AwW, Mr. Inderyas’s work port-folio includes the overall conceptualization, planning, implementation, training, monitoring and evaluation of the programmatic and institutional activities. Further, he also lead the training of the core team of fellows of AwW and its institutional development process with the development of its financial and programmatic policies, procedures and processes. Ilyas has in fact, committed his life and career for the creation, sustainability and growth of a Christian specific organization - AwW. Previously he has also worked for IDSP,BPEP and St. Joseph’s Convent School.


Mr. Inderyas has been imparting various trainings and courses on youth development, Human and Minority Rights with youth, parents and community at Quetta.


Mr. Inderyas has been a member of Youth Parliament of Pakistan. He is also a lead faculty member of Institute for Development Studies and Practices IDSP Pakistan. During this fellowship as a senior faculty member he had taught various courses on Culture, Spirituality and Social Change, Imperial and Colonial basis of Leading Development Practices, Critical Education, Pedagogy and Community Development. He is also a member of a national network named as Vision - Pakistan. Under this network various religious minority organizations are connected for a collective platform and voice.


Being an activist, Mr. Inderyas has been continuously providing leadership to transform the situations of marginalized religious Christian minority community from marginality to Development, empowerment and mainstreaming. This vital work is being carried out through the organization (Al-Falah without Walls AwW) that he established with like-minded young people for the last 12 years.

                                                                                               (Updated On November 2014)