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Designation:Chief Operating Officer

Organization:Karachi Educational Development Centre

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Syed Tahir Hussain Naqvi has been working as professional development Specialist for EDC-USAID Teacher Education Project mainly in Sindh. He is helping the Government Elementary Colleges to introduce the newly offered two years ADE-Associate Degree in Education program leading to 4 years Bachelors in Education B.Ed Program. His major responsibilities are to develop the faculty, Teacher Educators and Master trainers of Elementary colleges and Univerisites to be equipped with the most modern methodologies and techniques to develop prospective teachers in Pakistan. Prior to this he was working for DIL-Development in Literacy and as a Chief Operating Officer in a project for Karachi Educational Development Centre (CDGK), for the last two years. His major responsibilities were to organize and manage various capacity building programmes for school leaders, teachers and other staff members. In addition, He was responsible to reports to the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Committee, for monitoring and improvement of CDGK Schools and CDGK hierarchy. He started his career as an English teacher and gradually excelled in the field of education. He acquired the required qualification and knowledge, to take leadership positions in the field of Educational Leadership and Management.

                                                                                               (Updated On November 2014)