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Ms. Ghangroo received her MA in International Relations from Karachi University. She is currently a freelance development consultant. Currently working for Pakistan Television corporation hosting a women show in Sindhi language and conducting research for a documentary series on the life of coastal communities including life on sea islands, People living around the wetlands, life at desert in Pakistan. Ms. Ghangroo is currently leading an organization, which aims to strengthen civil society through advocacy and facilitating development support to the grass root organizations.

Ms Ghanghro worked as consultant with Oxfam Pakistan studied the policy reforms of the National Drainage Programme in Pakistan and conduct Social Audit with the communities at flood prone areas of Pakistan. She had worked on a documentary on the sea level rise and its impact on the human population living along the Pakistani coast for OSH Communications. Ms. Ghangroo is also conducts a monthly workshop on environmental education for the Layari Community Development Project. Whilst working at WWF-Pakistan, she assisted in a study titled, 'The Root Causes of Biodiversity Loss in Mangroves Ecosystems at the Indus Delta and Balochistan Coast'. She has been engaged on other project ' Conservation of mangrove forests at the coastal areas of Sindh and Balochistan'. Ms. Ghanghro has conducted a number of workshops on topics such as community activism, poverty alleviation and the monitoring and evaluation of community organizations. Previously, Ms. Ghanghro was a Project Development Coordinator with GHK International, a UK-based management-consulting firm. Here she was involved with the Faisalabad Area Upgrading Project, and was charged with the identification of the needs of the poor and the facilitation of the capacity-building of social organizers (SOs) and multi-purpose community organizations (MPCOs). As a Community Organization Coordinator with GHK International, Ms. Ghanghro together with field teams developed a methodology for sustainable community organization formation through a process of local management, institution-building, capital formation and skill enhancing.

Ms Ghanghro worked as senior social organizer trainer for National Rural Support programme where she facilitated the process of institution building at grass root level and implements the participatory methodologies.

                                                                                                (Updated On November 2014)