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Organization:Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering

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Prof. Dr. Azhar. M. Khan has a Ph.D. in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA. He also has a Masters in Cost Benefit/Project Management Economics from the same university. He has also obtained diplomas in Project Management, Environmental Management and fundraising/philanthropy. Currently, he is working as the National Program Manager of National Environmental Action Plan-Support Program, a UN funded environment program. He is also a visiting faculty at National University of Sciences and Technology NUST, Center for Advancement of Science and Engineering (CASE) and several other national level institutions. He is the head of the Cost-Benefit Analysis Cell and, with his ability to integrate his knowledge of engineering and economics, he has gained expertise in project evaluation, economic feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis. He is also the coordinator for Environmental Management Short Courses and Workshops Program. He is an international expert of project management for both social sector as well as infrastructure projets. He has published articles dealing with economics and aerospace/mechanical engineering, environment, sustainable rural development, project management and technology management. He is an active researcher and has recently conducted international workshops on Project Management, Environmental Management, Project Proposal Development and Hospital Management.Dr.Azhar has been working on means of linking the military with issues of sustainable development and environment protection. He has conceived a model in this regard and hopes that LEAD training will help him test the practical impacts of this concept. Dr Khan has applied for release from the military to be actively involved in the social sector research and work. He writes in the Newspapers and Sustainable Development International Magazine. His mail areas of specialty comprise engineering, project management, cost-benefit analysis, technology management, CSR, production and operations management, fundraising, knowledge management and change management.

                                                                                               (Updated On November 2014)