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Mr. Qazi is a community development, human rights and humanitarian relief worker from Pakistan. He hails from the city of Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan province. He has studied engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan and Economics and Management of Rural Development from Institute for Development Policy and Management, University of Manchester, UK. He has about 20 years' experience of working in the field of sustainable community development and relief with a special focus on water resource management. He has worked on various projects funded by The World Bank, The Netherlands Government, Department for International Development (UK) and the United Nations. Qazi has worked on humanitarian issues in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Fiji, Solomon Island, Tonga, Vanuatu, Kyrgyzstan and Lebanon.
Mr. Qazi is very interested in cross-cultural communication to foster a better understanding between all the inhabitants of this planet. He is a polyglot and speaks six languages fluently and can communicate in two more.
His professional interests include theory and practice of sustainable development, institutional transformation, leadership and management. Qazi is particularly interested in the political economy of production, processing and dissemination of information.

Mr. Qazi was the author and principal investigator for 'Social Assessment of Water Scarcity in Baluchistan that was one of the three globally selected research proposals under a UNDESA award. He has published three articles on sustainable development in peer reviewed international journals and has also contributed a book chapter on post disaster recovery.
Qazi is an active member of LEAD Pakistan family where he provides training related services to the country office on regular basis.His personal interests include study of culture, literature, poetry and art.

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