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Al Baqa Welfare Society

Awaz Foundation Pakistan- Center for development services

Centre for Public Policy and Governance

Grass-root Organization for Human Development

Human Empowerment and Rural Development

Jinnah Welfare Society

Rural Community Development Society

Social Development Participatory Organization (SDPO)

Society for Human Development

Society for Human Empowerment and Rural Development

The Rehbar Welfare Society


Basic Education for Awareness, Reforms and Empowerment/ Basic Education for Afghan Refugees (BEFARe)

Community Development Organization

Community Research and Development Organization (CRDO)

Dir Area Development Organization

Integrated Regional support Program

Kohat Area Development Organization

National Integrated and Development Organization

Pakistan Environmental Protection Foundation

Pakistani Hoslamand Khawateen Network

Rabt Development Organization

Rural Development Project

Society for Awareness of Human development And Rights

Salik Development Organization

Saibaan Develpopment Organization


Social Action Bureau for Assistance in Welfare and Organizational Networking

Women Association Struggle For Development (WASFD)


Association for Water, Applied Education & Renewable Energy (AWARE)

Badin Rural Development Society

Badin Development and Research Organization (BDRO)

Goth Sudhar Sangat Aghamani

Goth Seengar Foundation (GSF)

Hwa Foundation

Indus Development Forum

Indus Development Organnization

Johi Organization for Rural Development and Natural Disaster

Katcho Social Development Organization

Kenjhar Fishermen Welfare Society

Laar Humanitarian & Development Program

Marvi Development Organization

Mehran Humanitarian and Development Organization

Marvi Rural Development Organization

NGOs Development Society

Participatory Efforts for Healthy Environment

Participatory Village Development Program (PVDP)

Pirbhat Women Development Society

Sahkar Dost Welfare Association

Sindhica Reforms Society

Sindh Health and Education Development Society (SHEDS)

Sukaar Foundation

Sujag Sansar Organization

Shah Litif Welfare Association

Social Policy and Development Centre

Trust for Rural Uplift, Culture and Environment

Village Shadabad Organization

Women Industrial Social and Educational Society


Azat Foundation Balochistan

Balochistan Environmental and Educational Journey

Balochistan Rural Development Society (BRDS)

Dehi Terquaiti Tanzeem Mal Gorgaje Sibi Balochistan

Micron Welfare Society

Rural Education Development & Welfare Organization (REDWO)

Rural Educational Development & Welfare Organization

Voice Quetta

Youth Association for Development


Agha Khan Rural Support Programme

Balistan Culture and Development Foundation

Children First

Himalayan Rural Support Program (HRSP)

Kohsar Welfare & Educational Society (KWES)

Karakoram Area Development Organization


DevCon-An Association for Rural Development

Diakonie Katastrophenhil/Diakonie Emergency Aid

Focus Humanitarian Assistance

Help in Need

Muslim Hands International

Muslim Aid Pakistan

National Rural Support Program


World Vision