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National Alliance for Climate Action (NACA)

After multi stakeholder Climate Change consultations held across Pakistan, the idea of forging a network that linked grass root CSOs with global standards of knowledge and skills emerged in 2009 as the “National Alliance for Climate Action” (NACA).

Alarge number of CSO’s at the grassroots level in Pakistan are engaged in development work encompassing a wide range of issues but their programs are typically plagued by a lack of research and integration of broader development trends, which poses a barrier to generate impact and sustainability. Even though such organisations have strong interactions with the communities and a deep understanding of the social issues in the local context, modest funding compels the project themes to change with funding sources. None of these CSOs focus on Climate Change impacts in a programmatic way; the mainstreaming of Climate Change awareness and adaptation is minimal at all levels- micro, meso and macro in Pakistan.

Designed to support community action on Climate Change, NACA is expected to help fill the gap that exists between national NGOs and local organisations. The initiative has strengthened the leadership capacity and commitment of local organisations for climate action, with enhanced knowledge, technical expertise and resources provided by a global outreach institution such as LEAD Pakistan. As LEAD has a strategic Climate Action Program (L-CAP) that aspires to implement a large number of adaptation related projects, the partnerships has helped local, CBOs, NGOs, and other civil society organisations to work in tandem and reduce vulnerabilities of diverse communities and the adverse impacts of the climate challenge.

What LEAD Pakistan intends to achieve through the formation of the alliance is a learning environment that encourages the learning of its members in the Climate Change context, whilst building their capacity and access to resources to tackle the very important climate challenge.

LEAD, through NACA, is committed to building the capacity of grassroots organisations for collective learning and coalition building, as well as supporting community research and access to international and national knowledge products, relating to the Climate Change sphere.

This is done through:

  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Supporting Community Research
  • Collective Learning
  • Improving Access to CC forums
  • Organizing Avenues for coalition building