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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to me from being a NACA member?

1. Selected alliance members will be added to LEAD’s constituency list and will receive LEAD’s newsletters, research publications. Selected partners will be eligible for special discounts or partial/full scholarships for various training and capacity-building programs offered by LEAD under its Management Development Program

2. Selected partners will receive from the NACA Secretariat various announcements for trainings courses or programs, national and international conferences and seminars, grant and scholarship opportunities and will also be able to likewise disseminate information regarding their own CC activities

3. The profile of partners and selected innovative projects and programs of some of these will be showcased in various publications, events and online resources of NACA

4. Networking opportunities will be provided to partners for engaging with different stakeholders including policy makers, funding agencies, media and corporations. NACA linkages with other relevant national, regional and global climate change networks will also be forged

5. The Secretariat will survey the CC related capacity-building needs of partners and based on TNA results, arrange for special training and capacity building courses for selected partners in various cities and regions

6. Selected showcase CC adaptation and mitigation projects can be eligible for NACA funding

7. The Secretariat may select specific projects or initiatives to design and develop documentaries for large scale national and international dissemination or promotion.

8. Partners will be selected by LEAD for its future programs or their implementation.

How Can I apply to be a NACA member?

If your organisation is interested in becoming a NACA member, kindly download and fill the membership form. To download the membership form, click here.

Please send your completed form to Shamail Adnan at sadnan@lead.org.pk by June 12, 2014.

I am an individual, not affiliated with any organization, can I become a member of NACA?

Unfortunately, the alliance is only open to organizations, not to independent individuals.

Is there a fee for membership?

There is no membership fee, however, if a NACA member would like to attend trainings organized by LEAD or other events, they will have to pay a nominal amount or as specified by the organizers of the training. However, there will be partial scholarships for NACA members.

Can I share information with other NACA members?

Yes, under the NACA mailing list, which will be shared with you when you join, you can contact NACA members and share any useful information. We would request that you only share information that is relevant and could be useful to other organizations who are NACA members, and refrain from sending junk email.